Making happy ceramics

If you've ever played with mud, jumped in a puddle, squished some play-doh as a kid, you might remember how much fun it was. Thats how it feels to make ceramics, feeling the soft clay on your hands, not worrying about getting dirty. Then the joy when you create something recognisable.

Then theres the extra special transformation the clay goes through when fired and glazed, the excitement and dread in equal measures as you open the kiln, hoping that the firing has gone well, and the utter joy and disbelief when it not only works, but the pieces come out better than you could ever have expected.

Of course sometimes things go wrong, but thats just life isn't it, making ceramics is high risk and high reward.

The happiness you feel when creating ceramics, shows through in the final pieces.

Our Story

Nikki has always been crafty, she's enjoyed art from a young age, enjoying both drawing and painting, she taught herself how to knit and crochet as a teenager, and loves photography, but has always wanted to try ceramics.  A few years ago she finally took lessons, and from the first one she was hooked. Soon she had invested in a second hand kiln and wheel, and has been creating ever since, learning new techniques all the time.

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